Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here’s an idea:
Many scientists will accept an infinite, natural “foundation” for the universe, whether that’s infinite space in which our finite universe exists, infinite sheets of energy that create universes whenever they bump together, or a “quantum foam” in which our universe is one of a infinite number of universes. But, what about information? Isn’t this even more basic? The above “foundations” need information to exist, for without information, there would be chaos. Information implies a designer who uses it to bring order.
Another weird, but related idea on information is about the word “idea.” Are ideas infinite in duration? Do they exist before we think of them? For instance, say one day I meet somebody, and after a few days I forget I ever met them. Does that then mean that never met them? Of course not. But a few days before I met them, I was not aware that I would ever meet them. Does that mean I didn’t? Or just that I’m not aware of that yet?
Let’s go back to “idea.” Actions arise first from ideas. If one day I built a table, and the previous day I hadn’t thought of it, does that mean the idea never existed prior to my thinking about it? (See, I told you this is weird.)
Need to think about this some more.

Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason made some comments a while back on the evolution/creation matter. He thought it likely that pain and animal death did exist before the fall because he saw pain as being good, though we may not like it. He also thought God would’ve had to have created the natural deadly weapons of animals by the time the creation was finished, because after God called the finished creation good, and stopped creating.
My response is this, that God may have, as other creationists have suggested, preprogrammed into our genes during the creation the possible weapons and instincts to maintain nature’s balance after the fall, anticipating our fall. I mean, if these weapons and instincts hadn’t existed after the fall, then maybe God’s creation would’ve experienced wholesale chaos. Animals attacking other animals and their own environments—for no apparent reason except to cause pain and destruction. There’d be no balance in nature. So God gives us instincts and weapons to establish a balance—we attack animals for constructive reasons, to eat. We attack trees to build houses.

When old-earthers ask young-earthers how there could’ve been 24-hr. days and morning and evenings before the sun, moon, and stars were created, the young-earther response is that God created a light—I was going to say he created light, but Genesis doesn’t say what’s it’s extent. It could’ve surrounded the earth. But now I’m remebering that God divided the darkness from the light. But there was a point when there was only the light. So what was it? Why was it there before the sun? He calls the light “day,” and the darkness “night.” It seems apparent that he’s referring to a literal 24-hr. day. And why mention morning and evening if the days weren’t literal? Those seem to be very concrete details. Why didn’t Moses just say “one day passed?” I don’t really know the answers.