Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/17/12—Washington Post article

It is disturbing to how much misunderstanding there was on both sides of the respective opponents motivations.  This is simply an argument for, when you face an opponent, making as few assumptions as possible, and rarely, if ever, going beyond a narrow interpretation of facts.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was getting a haircut at the barbershop one day. The barber had finished cutting and now, to finish it off, she was applying some hair product, a shaping mousse, or something like that, and she was talking about how the product was meant to fill in spots where there was thinning hair.

"What?" I thought. "I have thinning hair? I don't have thinning hair! (Okay, maybe that one spot in the front, but otherwise,) I don't have thinning hair!"

While her lips kept moving, projecting verbal vomit about thinning hair, I sprang out of the barber chair, spun around, grabbed a samurai sword off the counter behind me (don't ask), and lopped her head off. Her body fell to the ground. I located her head, looked it right in the eyes, and said, like one of those Hollywood action heroes, "No tip for you!"

I gave my money to the cashier, then stormed out.